Friday, January 25, 2013

The Joys of Friendship

Friends are important!  In the past year I have been fortunate enough to have met and made some wonderful new friends.

Through a shared love of outdoor activities I have fallen into a beautiful group of women who have truly enriched my life.

There are four of us, we are like four points on a compass, all different, all unique, but all well suited to each other. 

The other three have know each other a very long time, I am the newcomer to the group, having recently moved to this town.  But it's as if I have known these women all my life and have been a part of their lives forever. 

You know how I know they are true friends?  Because they bring the best out in me, and that is hard.  Not many people do that. You see I'm an introvert at heart, painfully awkward in crowds, and clumsy in conversation.  What's worse is that the events of the past few years have made me challenging to be around.  Reflective, obsessive about my kids, and worried all the time.

But these women get me. In fact they do more than accept me, they make me a better person just knowing them. They are all unique and beautiful, wise, fascinating, caring, supportive, loving, nurturing, and giving.  

These are women who inspire me to be a better person, to be a better friend, and I am profoundly grateful to have them in my life.

This page was done in their honor, together we are like a garden of spring flowers, glorious in our own unique colors and form.  It is done in watercolor and ink in my Stillman & Birn Epsilon Series Sketchbook.

Remember your friends today and be thankful for them.  Thanks for checking in. xx