Monday, January 28, 2013

The Curious Mind

The curious mind is the mind of the future, it is curiosity that helps us engage in the world in a productive and critical way, plus it is the natural state of all children.  But I wonder why so many adults are largely incurious?

I love to explore history, philosophy, and the human brain.  I'm exceedingly curious about the human condition, science, the mysteries of the Universe, and the meaning of life, and I am deeply saddened when I find that so many people today refuse to question anything.

In my experience, an inane lack of curiosity goes hand in hand with inflexibility, cynicism or pessimism, and unabated self-righteousness.  It is the closed mind that has a resistance to change or learning, a low tolerance for difference, ambiguity, or uncertainty, and a fear of all that is different.

Has life  becomes so complicated that it's easier to be disengaged, unmotivated or lack initiative rather than be open minded, questioning, and amazed by the possibilities of the mysterious world around us?

Religious extremists are a perfect example.  I have found that fanatically religious people of any kind or denomination have the least amount of curiosity.  The extremists are largely defensive, argumentative, and severely judgmental-- particularly of things they don't understand.

I also think a lack of curiosity goes hand in hand with a lack of creativity.  Therefore, I implore you to open your mind to the wonders of the Universe around you, question everything, be powerful, positive, amazed and creative.

(This spread of Cone Flowers was done in my Stillman & Birn Epsilon Series Sketchbook, using Peerless Watercolors, pen & ink.)

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  1. Stunning, Gorgeous, and really wanting to be on my dinner plates! Thank you for your words. You are validating my choice of my 2013 word which is WONDER! I am a life long learner and five year old questioner of life. One of the thins that struck me about you when I met you in person, is your soft and open spirit. There's not a speck of rigidity to your heart or mind. It is a privilege to have stood in that energy of love and acceptance. Its is palpable. I'm still working on areas of my mind, body, soul that want to resist. Its honestly my spiritual path. Watch, notice any resistance, check my thoughts, check my body, ask the questions, take a breath, soften, let go. These flowers are other worldly. Thank you.

  2. I agree with you whole heartedly..........I'am always learning....and i LOVE to pass on what i find.....much to my family's chagrin.... ah well...i like to'm was amazed at how so many blogs i read that posted their resolutions for the New Year that at the top of their list was 'Surround myself with like minded people' they wouldn't stand in negativity...I just couldn't help but think Oh My that would be soooo boring.....just think of all the wonderful discussions you would miss if everyone was of one mind.....sigh...surely makes you wonder what will become of the human race...I'm not sure i like the path we are on.....and we created that path ourselves....Hugs! deb

  3. Could not agree more! Thanks for this post!

  4. *standing up and applauding your profound words*
    Well said Dion, and you did those cone flowers just for me, right? Hehehe, my favorite flower so thank you for the bright pick-me-up. I too, am so curious about the human condition, the changing planet, the Universe and so many cool things. I also wonder how others are so NOT curious and don't continually seek knowledge. First and foremost is your own inner workings, what makes you tick, what makes you respond the way you do and how can one improve on one's way of moving through life?

    the color and stunning layout of your piece so inspires me. But then you're use of color always does. My Twinks finally arrived a couple days ago so I'm all primed to paint up a storm. Hope all is well with you my friend, thanks for all the advice with the Twinks, I'm so thrilled with them!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful flowers! Your work is always so vibrant, a vibrancy which is echoed in your writing. I completely agree with your sentiments. It is my belief that society likes to put put people in neat little boxes to make controlling them easier. People who are curious and open to new ideas and experiences just mess up their tidy systems. I've been one of the untidy, questioning ones all my life and I love nothing better than to help others to step outside their little box where society has placed them!

  6. There is nothing enlightened or Open-minded about stereotyping those with whom you disagree.

  7. I guess it is true that many adult are incurious. But I am a very curious person, and there're so many things I want to learn. And I'm often shocked when chatting with a friend or family, find out that they are not the least curious about the same things I passionately want to learn more about. LOL.

  8. Beautiful colors ~ love! If you haven't already, I get the feeling you'd enjoy reading or listening to Eckhart Tolle. :)

  9. Lovely artwork. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on the lack of curiosity in so many people. I met someone last year who was spectacularly incurious; he could only talk about himself and in relation to very few subjects. Consequently, he is deeply boring and has reached his mid-sixties actually refusing to engage in subjects he knows nothing about, and rudely so. I could go on and on...!

  10. I have many favorite pieces you have created, but now this is my favorite! I LOVE this- the colors, flowers, etc. Wonderful.
    I think I have curiosity for 1,000 people. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit too curious :) but I love it.

  11. so beautiful pics! lover the way you draw and paint!

  12. gorgeous piece and you are oh so very correct in your observations here. it baffles me as well...


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