Friday, January 4, 2013

Tea Time

January heralds the dawn of new possibilities.  New years resolutions, word of the year, fresh starts, I love it.  Every 365 days we get a new canvas on which to paint the next chapter of our lives.

January is also a time of reflection and calm. The children are back at school, the Christmas tree is packed away, and we have a bag full of wonderful memories from time spent with friends and family.

My house is calm again, and at this time of year I love to sip tea and watch the sleepy winter sun bounce off the snow covered ground outside my back window. I revel in the quiet of this time of year, although not my favorite, winter is a prelude to the coming spring. 

Every January, I find myself reflecting on the challenges I have endured over the past year.  It was Christmas eve three years ago that we bought my micro-preemie home from the NICU after 5 long months in the hospital. Now he is a vivacious, cheeky, 3 year old with a future.

Last year was a better year for me than the one before, and this year is going to be even better again.  As each year passes, despite more gray hair and wrinkles, I find myself more energized, more ready to take on new projects.  I put it down to art, you see art is not a hobby, it is a way of life for me.  Art saved me!

Art and tea!  You see, I don't glorify excess in any way, including work, actually especially work.  I believe the concept of "work" is killing us as individuals, tearing apart families, and proliferating the myth of what achievement and success mean in this society.

I believe success is balance and harmony, mental health, and gratitude.  My way of achieving that is to take time out.  Time out for tea, reflection, meditation, creativity, and self-nurturing activities.

I encourage you to take more tea breaks this coming year. Put your life in balance, and as you reflect on 2012 and look toward 2013, pour your self a cuppa, be grateful for the little things, and make art!

Thanks for checking in. xx