Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goals & Ambitions

I am an avid follower of Anthea Paul's "Girlosophy".  Not only for myself, but for my daughter as well. Anthea shares many pearls of wisdom on her website and in her books and some of it I like to share here.  Anthea is wise beyond her years and a beacon in the lives of many young women.

She talks a lot about goals.  She believes that setting goals for ourselves is a smart and necessary practice, something I have done for most of my life.  Goal setting can be challenging, but it can also be fun, clarifying, and energizing.  Having focus in our lives goes along way to making us effective citizens of the world.

However, she cautions that naked ambition is not the same thing as goal setting.  Don't be confused, we don't all have the world at our feet, we are limited by our thoughts, prejudices, beliefs, and abilities. We need to tread lightly and honestly when we are expressing our desires to be 'something'.

Good goal-setters often recognize their own limitations, they follow their hearts and they acknowledge that others contribute to their success, they recognize their gifts, and play to their strengths.  Effective goal setters recognize that success comes with honesty, helping others along the way, and accepting diversions as a natural part of the journey.

We all need to be cool-headed and push forward through life quietly and effectively.  We don't need to be bulldozers to get where we want to go, we just need to set achievable goals and keep a light heart.

This journal page was done using Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons, pen & ink.

Thanks for checking in. xx