Friday, December 21, 2012

When Artisits Cook

I love my kitchen at this time of the year.

I spend a lot of early December pouring through cook books trying to find the perfect holiday recipes.

Cranberries are one of my favorite Christmas fruits and I love cooking with them...not to mention the health benefits.

When artists cook a Christmas feast they generally try lots of new and exciting recipes.

This one worked out particularly well and turned out to be the perfect seasonal comfort food.  We've already devoured several test efforts of it and I may well include it in my Christmas Day menu this year.

So, in keeping with my tradition of offering my readers an image that they can print onto Christmas Cards, I thought I'd give you this yummy recipe for Cranberry Apple Coffee Cake.

Please feel free to download and print it onto your own Christmas Cards, or you can print it, frame it and give it as a gift.  

(Please remember, it is for your personal use only, you cannot sell it or use it commercially at all.)

To see last years Christmas card offering, please click here.

So, from the five wonderful artists who contribute to When Artists Cook, Jennifer McLcean, Tracey Fletcher King, Colleayn Klaibourne, Bethann Merkle, and me, we hope you have a beautiful, comfort-food filled, holiday celebration.

Happy Holidays, and thanks for checking in. xx


  1. I may try this! I love cranberries and need a dessert for a gathering on Sunday. Thanks!

  2. looks delicious.. I am wondering if I can find some frozen cranberries today... this would be perfect for Christmas morning tea... thanks for sharing it... have a great Christmas!!!!

  3. Thanks for the recipie! Beautiful illustration makes me sooo hungry


  4. I love these paintings that illustrate your recipe. I got so caught up in looking at the painting, I forgot it was all about the recipe. Your work is wonderful. thanks


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