Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Book of Your Life

Art and art-journaling are very powerful forms of self expression.

We don't all have the capacity to create large canvasses. Most of us are capable of simply carrying around a sketchbook or journal and a few basic art supplies.

How you create, your method, tools and techniques, are secondary. Even what you create is largely irrelevant. What matters, is the process of artful creation.

Most of us need guidance, inspiration, or prompts to give us structure to our art journey. If this is you, then consider Life Book 2013. It is a beautiful, simple, inspiring program that takes you on a year long mixed media, art-journaling journey.

Tamara LaPorte from Willowing has put together a wonderful team of instructors, and each month participants get two art-journaling lessons and a series of bonus prompts, inspiration and ideas.

At the end of the year, you will bind your work into a deeply personal, very beautiful book--your Life Book, which will be a sacred and treasured  snapshot of your life.

I am one of the very lucky teachers on this program and I'll be focusing on "Divine Color".

Life Book is a journey, an awakening, and expression, and for many, a vehicle to awareness.

Life book 2013 begins on January 1st, 2013, and if you are able, then I urge you to infuse your creativity with purpose and give yourself the gift of a treasured record of your story.

For more information about Life Book 2013, or to register, please click here.

Thanks for checking in. xx