Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Treats

We had a fire going in our fireplace last night.

It was the first for the season and the whole house felt cozy and warm.

After the children went to bed, hubby and I watched a movie.."Father of the Bride" in honor of our wedding anniversary yesterday.

We haven't put our Christmas tree up yet, our youngest is still at that stage where all he wants to do is pull off the ornaments and distribute them around the house. But we will soon.

But for now, I've been in a cupcake state of mind lately, and have had lots of fund drawing and painting them in all sorts of ways.

We're thinking about our Christmas Day feast, we're sharing it with some special friends this year.  We are doing a traditional turkey with as many trimmings as I am capable of producing, including hot chocolate self-saucing pudding. 

I always get home-sick at this time of year.  I miss my family so far away in Australia and the traditions of a hot summer Christmas.

What holiday do you observe, and what are your celebration plans?

Thanks for checking in xx