Friday, November 9, 2012

When Artists Cook

My quick sketch of a Blue Hubbard squash, grown on a local farm, about half-way through a pie-making project.

Homemade eats can help your jack-o-lanterns 'save face'

Hi everyone, Bethann Merkle here.  As I recently mentioned on my blog, food waste is downright spooky.  There are lots of statistics out there about how much still-edible food is thrown away in an average household in an average week.   

If this gives you goosebumps, there’s a bright side - imagine the delicious dining opportunities presented by Halloween traditions!

If you can glean doorstep decorations, you might be eating tasty local meals for weeks to come!  There are countless ways to ensure the squashes currently decorating doorsteps don’t wind up in the garbage by the weekend. 

A couple of possibilities if you read French, here’s an interesting read about not wasting these flavorful and nutritious vegetables.  Of course, if you grow your own, there are a lot of squashes that keep well into the winter months.   

Once you cut into the squashes, any cook (novice or creative maestro) will find so many options: soup, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie from scratch, roasted squash, stuffed squash, and the list goes on.

Bon appetit!