Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Joy" of the Circle

November is Art Every Day Month, and the gentle art of creating a mandala can be a very powerful artistic practice. Today is Day 14!

You can weave all your secrets into the symbols and colors of the sacred circle.

It is a wonderful meditative focus, and can have remarkable calming effects on the mind and body.

Creating a simple, elegant mandala is a lot easier than you think.

When I'm void of creative ideas, I simply open my sketchbook and let my pen weave methodically around the circle.

Making mandalas is an ancient art form than can be found in all cultures throughout time.

In Wisdom Circles, I teach a very simple, yet very powerful process for creating beautiful mandalas.

We use ancient myth and meditation to weave some of the deepest parts of ourselves into these circles.

It's a vital, and restorative art journaling practice, and I'm giving away 3 places on this wonderful online class.

To put your name in the draw to win one of these places, click here and leave your comment.

I'll be drawing the winners next weekend.  And remember, make sure you leave your contact details so I can let you know when you win.

Thanks for checking in. xx


  1. This mandala is so beautiful. I love the play of colors as my eyes travel around.

  2. Exquisite art ~ mandala is beautiful with the design and colors and thanks for suggestion about beginning with a circle in your journal and creating ~ wishing your the best in the day ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. The colors in this mandala are just wonderful - very calming and so very lovely

  4. What a beautiful mandala!! The colours are just amazing...
    even looking at it is meditative. :-)
    thank you for sharing. xox

  5. I LOVE the colours in this, its so sumptuous!

  6. those colours are really so lovely and calming... a perfect reflection od your amazing line work...xx

  7. This one feels so good. I love it.

  8. Very beautiful design and colors. Very meditative.

  9. I just randomly stumbled onto your blog from a picture you posted in a FB art group. I'm absolutely in love!

  10. I created a new Vision Board about 6 months ago while taking the class Hello Soul Hello Business with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols and 300 plus women from around the world. Yesterday I was looking at it with new eyes, taking a few moments to scan it from picture to picture. What I had not realized is that I have two pictures of mandalas on them and the words, the Art of The Mandala. This was all done before I knew you existed....and decided I wanted your artwork on my kitchen dishes.....It made me smile. I have not painted, nor drawn a mandala yet, but I know it is in my future.

  11. I am always blown away by the richness of the color in your paintings! Beautiful!! :)

  12. I always love your work~such beautiful use of color. I agree about the meditative feel of working around a circle- always my go to shape if feeling a bit unsure.I have been thinking about you as I just pulled out all of my paints again and loving the "Twinks". Such beautiful, rich color. Julie

  13. Hi, Dion,

    Thanks for the wonderful class yesterday in MO! It was so inspiring and exciting to learn new things.

    Thanks again,
    Mary Anne G.

  14. I love this mandala. Can you tell me if you achieved the white in these piece through white ink/acrylic or frisket? I really love the way it looks illumined.

    1. Hi Angie, thanks so much. I achieved the white using a Signo Uni-ball Broad White Gel pen. I think I picks it up from Jet Pens. I hope this helps. Hugs xx

    2. Thanks. I'm definitely breaking out my supplies and making some mandalas soon.


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