Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn's Intent

"My wish for that these insights may ignite your own creative gifts, fanning them into a blazing conflagration of authentic transformation; that there be no turning back for you once you hear the thundering voices of spirit; that you will be shattered into fullness of being through your soul's longing; that you will discover with unshakable conviction that you have some indispensable thread of awareness to weave into the fabric of the world; and that your guiding lights will show you the way to grow gracefully into who you already are."

My mother gave me this book many years ago and it's been a constant companion in my studio ever since.  You see, every artist at some point gets stuck, and we all need to find ways to forge through the blocks and keep creating.  

For me its books.  I'm an avid reader, and with so little time at my disposal, it's always a trade off between reading and making art.  Art usually wins, but there are times when I get stuck, void of inspiration and motivation, numb to the creativity, and completely blocked.  These are the times when I walk out of my studio and back into the world.

The past few weeks have seen Autumn descend upon the mid-west with fanfare.  Suddenly the landscape is a palette of color and I've felt compelled to drag my kids out to bathe in the Fall rainbow first hand.  Mostly they are willing participants in adventure.

Everywhere I go, every corner I turn is another picture postcard scene of Autumn splendor.  What is her intent??  Is it to completely consume me into her golden glory so that nothing gets done, or is it to cruelly and spectacularly drag me, blinded by color, into the depths of another freezing winter?

I've tried in so many ways to capture her beauty, but all my efforts seem feeble.  Her colors evade my brush, her hues fade on the pages of my sketchbook.  There is no holding onto Autumn, she is but a brief and spectacular visitor, little more than a fleeting moment in time.  Never remembered for her true glory, only for her myth.

This work, entitled "Autumn's Intent", was done on untreated, unstretched, cotton using Silks Acrylic Glaze.  It was my last attempt to capture Autumn before she faded permanently from my vision.

In my upcoming studio masterclass "The Art of Luminescence", I will be sharing some of the secrets of luminescent acrylic on raw fabric.  Please join me on November 17th at The Gallery Off Broadway in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.  For information on how to register, click here.

Thanks for checking in. xx