Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Note For You

It seems very few of us practice the art of sending a thank you card any more.  In these crazy busy times it's all too easy to send a quick email or text message.  But to me, there is nothing more exciting than opening the mail box and seeing something in there other than bills. Nothing is more thoughtful and simple than an pretty, hand-written, thank you card.

Since as long as I can remember, my mother encouraged my sister and I to sit down and write thank you notes for the smallest of graces.  It became a thing for us...collecting beautiful notes cards, finding just the right ones and sending them to each other.  My sister, even now finds the most uniquely, beautiful, and always glittery note cards.  They are works of art and I have a pin-board dedicated to them.

My daughter has inherited this trait.  She LOVES writing notes cards for all sorts of occasions.  Right now, she's into creating her own cards, that way she can put on them exactly the right picture for the occasion.  But more than ever, she loves getting them.  They sit on her dresser for months.  She's always telling me that we should send a thank you card to someone.  Yesterday she told me we needed to send a thank you card to the mail-lady for delivering our mail.  It guess it was that funny little comment that prompted me to share these cards with you.

I have created a "Summer Florals" collection of blank note cards from some of the pages of my sketchbooks.  They are happy and bright, and my daughter helped me pick the images. These cards make beautiful gifts, or as the perfect thank you card.  There are only a limited number of sets available, which contain five cards, each with a different image and white envelope. They are $15 a set, plus postage. 

If you would like to purchase a set of these lovely satin finish, floral note cards, please email me direct. I accept PayPal for secure payment.  And remember, you can also purchase single image or bulk, high quality 5x7 note cards of any of my works, from my shop at Fine Art America. If there is something you love that you don't see in the shop, email me and I will upload it for you.

Thanks for checking in xx