Friday, July 6, 2012

Something To Say

Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table quietly having a cup of tea.  Hubby had gone to work and my children were playing in the playroom.  When I felt a soft hand settle on my arm.  I turn to look at there was my young son.  He smiled at me, he eyes twinkled, and he said to me "Please Mamma".

Now for those of you who have been following my blog for some time will know, my son is unique.  He'll be 3yo next month and that was the first time he has purposefully spoken my name.  I was stunned!  I couldn't believe my ears.  He said it without prompting, it was a purposeful attempt at communicating.  It was also his first sentence...if you can call it a sentence.

We have this little electronic aquarium that when turned on, the colorful fish gently float about in a beautiful reef.  He simply wanted me to turn it on. We got it at the hospital three years ago when he was born. Aquariums are known to have a calming affect on children and it's been wonderful.  He immediately calms down when he watches it.  We use it to help both our children settle at night.  It has a soft watery sound and is just beautiful to look at.

My young son was born 16 premature and spent 5 months in the NICU, followed by 2 years on oxygen.  He has had a difficult start, and faces many challenges in his future, but we've long since learned to take each day as it comes.  He's taught us so much already, not the least is to enjoy the little things in life.

My father always said "...stop and smell the roses".  I'm glad I stopped yesterday to enjoy my cup of tea, I needed the calm quiet moment, because otherwise he may never had asked me for the aquarium to be turned on, and I may not have heard him say my name.

Hearing my child say my name, purposefully, not just repetitively, was one of the most amazing experiences in the world.  I'm the only person he will ever call "Mamma", he filled me with hope and awe just by saying it.  That acknowledgement was so powerful for me, and what was more special, was the beautiful smile on his face as he said it.  It is a moment I'll never forget.

So I've been playing around with a new format (at least for me) thanks to Robin Mead.  She's encouraged me to work more on the  5" x 5" format, which is a lovely size.  This piece is a whimsical rose, it is one of four I have done and I'll show you the others in future posts.  I've been swimming in my shimmering, twinkling ocean of colors again.  It was done using my precious Twinkling H2O's and ink.  This type of sketch is perfect for experimenting with color and intensity, with lots of white space  it allows you to create depth with color rather than line.  Stay tuned for more like this.

Remember to stop and smell the roses.  Thanks for checking in. xx