Friday, June 29, 2012

Words To Live By

When we open our eyes, we see beyond ourselves.
When we open our ears, we listen beyond ourselves.
When we surrender to this attraction, we grow in self-awareness.

~Wisdom from the Elders of the Senecas

Art, in so many ways, encourages the artist to develop a life-enhancing relationship with their own inner world. When we see the world through an artist's eye, we enjoy an infinitely rich relationship that allows us to discover so much about our own inner-selves.  It is the process of making art that allows us to explore our relationship with the world, and in many ways, with the people around us.

When I wrote Wisdom Circles, I did so from the perspective of free drawing. Not every artist has, or even chooses to use, the ability to draw real life. For so many of us, our creativity lies in light, texture, and color, rather than life-like reproductions of the images around us. I believe free drawing is central to our journey of self-discovery and is an indispensable tool which allows us to journey deep into ourselves and demystify and heal so many of our old wounds.

Wisdom Circles is about creating mandalas; sacred circles filled with personal symbols and icons. It is a gentle journey into ourselves that allows us to explore what limits and drives us, it helps us experience ourselves actively in the world around us, and develop a greater self-acceptance.

In the words of Peter O'Connor;"A symbol is the best possible expression of something we have not yet understood." Thinking in pictures can give us access to our forgotten pasts, as well as elements of our present for which we have no words.

To create a mandala we need have no 'talent' for drawing. On the contrary, we set aside any awareness of how we are drawing, and to a large extent, what we are drawing. It is the process of creating a mandala that allows us to follow the urge to make a mark--no matter how obscure it might seem.

By allowing our hand to move freely, without thinking, we follow whatever shapes emerge for us in that moment, in whatever way they appear.  We allow ourselves to be led toward certain colors and shapes, and we draw for as long as the circle holds us.

There is no correct way to make a mandala, nor is there a correct way to interpret its meaning. There is only the ability to look at what is happening in our lives in that moment and allow associations  with the images that have appeared.  It is up to us to create a dialogue with our subconscious for as long as is necessary before our circles reveals its wisdom to us.

Wisdom Circles is a journey into the sacred circle which uses myth, meditation, and art to help us connect to our deeper selves.  The full online workshop will be running again in 2013, however, if you would like to explore a small element of this program, you can do so as part of 21 Secrets which runs through to January 2013.  For more information, or to register, click here.

Thanks for checking in. xx