Monday, June 25, 2012

Very Berry Tutorial

I'm finding inspiration in all thing summer and playing around with some of my favorite mixed media in my sketchbook.

I began the page with a light wash of Silks Acrylic Glaze heavily diluted with water, over a Balzer Designs stencil from The Crafter's Workshop.  This is the "Leaf Grid" stencil given to me by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer as part of her 2012 Stencil Hop. You can see my original post using this stencil here.

Using watercolor pencils, I sketched some berries and leaves, then washed in the first layer of color by picking up pigment directly from the tip of a watercolor pencil with the brush. You don't have to just draw with these pencils, you can use them as you would regular watercolor paint by swiping a wet brush across the color.

Using several different colors, I layered the berries until I got just the right tone then I edged and defined them with  dry watercolor pencil blended with clean water.

I did the same thing with the leaves, using lots of layers to give depth.

I then used black archival ink to define the berries and leaves and finished them with a splash of Twinkling H2O's for highlight. 

To give them more definition I smeared a touch of soft black charcoal around the edges for shadow.

Using a stencil as a background for a journal page or sketch can give your subject wonderful color tones and interest.  Silks Acrylic Glaze have such a gorgeous shimmer that even after being covered with flat watercolor, they still shine subtly through, making them the perfect background medium.

Thanks for checking in. xx