Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Garden's Glory

I'm just a couple of days away from the start of my summer teaching schedule which kicks off this Friday with Watercolor Pencil Workshop. I'm so excited, I love it when a new class begins.  The enthusiasm and energy of participants, the unfolding journey for each of them, the steady stream of images that come to me for always amazed how much hidden passion and talent so many people have.

I usually spend some time immersed in whatever medium I am about to be teaching, and this week I've been reconnecting to my watercolor pencils.  Since I first picked up these fabulously convenient little sticks of color I've been sharpening my skills, experimenting with them, finding new ways to use them.  I love to use them with mixed media, especially flat watercolor or watercolor pencils.  The contrast between the flat subtle tones of the pencils, and the vibrant shimmer of luminescent watercolor such as Twinkling H2O is breathtaking.

I paint mostly nature because nature is what usually catches my 'artist's eye'. I usually don't need to look much past my own backyard or bookshelf to find inspiration, so I was very excited when Jenn at Just Add Water Silly announced her new challenge for this week...GARDEN!!  I love art challenges but don't often get the time I would like to spend on them. Jenn has a wonderful weekly challenge called Artist's Playroom, and I highly recommend it.

I have inherited a garden that is exploding with blooms right now (and a grapevine that is being devoured by bugs). Today, I stole a few moments and crept outside with my camera to capture some of them.  I thought it would be fun to take artistic license and scribble them all onto a single page. With my new studio, I'm finally able to step outside my sketchbook, so for Jenn's challenge I did this painting on 5"x5" 140lb, cold-pressed watercolor paper. It is Twinkling H2O's under and flourished over watercolor pencil.

If you would like to learn about how to get the most from your watercolor pencils, including how to use them with mixed media, then please join me for Watercolor Pencil WorkshopFor more information, or to register, please click here.

Thanks for checking in. xx