Friday, May 4, 2012

Silks on Wood

When I come across a product that is both shimmery and versatile I can't resist.  I've been drowning myself in an ocean of Silks  as I prepare for my upcoming class A Taste of Silks.  My goodness, these acrylic paints are spectacular, and what's even more amazing is that they can be used on virtually any surface. 

I've been playing around with all sorts of paper surfaces, wood and fabric.  I can't believe how stunning they present, regardless of the surface I use them on.  I picked up some raw wood pieces from Hobby Lobby recently and gave my Silks the Taste to speak.

This is a key hanger.  I began by priming it with white gesso and then just painted and blended my Silks.  I randomly chose colors and was really just trying to see how they performed on wood.  They blended beautifully and by adding a few extra layers, I was able to create some amazing color intensities.

When the Silks were dry, I gave it a couple of coats of clear gloss varnish. The gloss adds a layer of depth to the surface and separates the silk effect from the detail on top.  I used plain black acrylic for the lines and some gold leaf for the opaque gold areas.  When It was done, I gave it another coat of varnish to seal it and then screwed in the supports....voila!!

It was so easy, and as you can see the results are fun, shimmery and eye-catching.  The Silks take about 30 minutes to touch dry and then 24-48 hours to fully cure depending on your climate.  Once cured, they are as good as bullet-proof. This makes them perfect for decorative art projects as well as journal covers and canvas. (But I use them mostly on paper)

I also painted a children's bench-seat and a step-stool which you will see in the class.  Speaking of which, don't forget, I'm giving away a seat in my upcoming workshop, along with a $40 coupon card from Luminarte.  And as an added bonus, Luminarte have just released 10 brand new Silks colors in honor of this class, check them out here.  To enter the giveaway--click here, I'll be randomly drawing a winner on Monday.

This is also my interpretation for The Artists Playroom theme of "Darkness & Light".  The Silks behave like they have their own light source, creating more depth in the darkness.

Good luck, and thanks for checking in. xx