Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Growing Up

Isn't it funny how everything seems to happen at once?  Some days, time just drifts away in a melody of routine...nothing extraordinary to do, just delightfully ordinary.  I love those days.  But that is not today! Today I am feeling frenzied, discombobulated, and a little overwhelmed.  So much to do, so much running through my head, so little time! 

Last week, we purchased a home.  Not the first one we liked, well, that I liked, rather the second on my list and the first on my husband's list.  It is a wonderful home, loved by its current occupants, simple, bright, and welcoming. It's not the home I spoke about recently in my post, "What Makes A Home?". The owners of that one didn't want to negotiate on problem at all. But this one seemed to happen in all the right ways for us. 

So now we're in a fit of packing in preparation for moving day.  My studio has already been mostly dismantled and I'm feeling very displaced.  I'm still putting the finishing touches on my new class "A Taste of Silks" which starts on May 18, while sitting among boxes, and trying to meet some deadlines for other projects coming up.  All without access to a lot of my supplies.  Still, it's transition, and transition can be very powerful.

In addition to all that, this week I took a tour of the Special Education Preschool facility that my son will be attending in August.  I know, seriously, have we reached that time already?  Looking at him in that HUGE classroom was very emotionally overwhelming for me.  He's so tiny, frail, and infantile. It was like putting a little baby into a big kid classroom.  He looked lost, frightened, and uncertain...oh wait...that was me.  He had fun!!  He couldn't get to the toys quick enough, loved the big footprints that were stuck to the floor, and wanted to sit at the little table and color along with all the other children. But really, he's very tiny compared to the other kids, and due to his disabilities, is very delayed, but then again so are all the children who will be in his class. So he fits right in!!

He's in excellent hands.  The team that have been working with him since birth will be taking him through this transition.  He'll be 3 in August and will be attending this special education preschool program with other kids just like him. They tell me it's the best thing for him, that children like him blossom and thrive once they get into a classroom, and I know they are right.  But it doesn't make it easier for any Mom, let alone a mother who has fought for the life of her child almost every day since he came into the world 16 week premature.

But let's face it, I cried when my perfectly normal, capable, vivacious 5yo daughter trotted off to Kindergarten, of course I'm going to sob like a rain-cloud when my tiny, dependent, special needs son starts 3yo preschool....who wouldn't??  But life moves much quicker than I'd sometimes like, and it certainly doesn't give you your challenges in measured, achievable bundles them all up and throws them at you when you feel least capable of dealing with them. 

So, to balance things out, I found this sketchbook page which was one I did on my recent trip to Australia.  During this trip, I sketched in my mothers garden a lot, but this one actually came from my sister's garden. My sister inherited my mothers gardening gift and has a stunning display of nature in her own back yard.  Much of which I captured either on my camera or in my sketchbook.  This watercolor sketch is a red pansy she had in a pot, very beautiful. I'll be showing you more from her garden over time, including the most spectacular old fig tree you've ever seen. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking in. xx