Friday, April 27, 2012

An Artist You Should Know

Although I spend most of my time creating art on paper or canvas, I have a secret passion for fiber and jewellery.  I am always amazed at artists who possess such diversity as to be able to apply their astounding creativity to a vast range of artistic disciplines.  Sherri Welser is one of those artists.  I can't remember when I first came across her site, perhaps it was when I got it in my head to start knitting (an endeavor at which I'm sad to say I did not excel).  Sherri's use of texture and color in her knits and jewels was amazing, not to mention or paper art as well.  

I remember being mesmerized by her endless stream of amazing work, much of which you can see here.  I connected with Sherri and was thrilled to discover that she is a beautiful, approachable, and soulful individual.  She has a deep spirit which resounds in all the work she creates, and an abundance of love and generosity.  Of course, Sherri is an artist you should know, and I promise, you'll be amazed at her beautiful, beautiful work.

~The “Art Within Your Heart”~

 I am thrilled and honored to be here as a guest artist on Dion’s blog, sharing my artwork and ideas, especially since I just absolutely Love her artwork!! I love the beautiful colors, themes, outlining…everything about it is just wonderful! So I must say thank you Dion ,it is such a joy and I am so happy to share with your readers some of my thoughts, ideas and creative elements to my artwork!

When you think about it, artwork begins in the heart and moves effortlessly through the hands and onto the paper (or so we would hope!). Sometimes it really isn’t that smooth of a transition and we have to switch gears. That is where my LOVE for everything creative comes into play. I have always loved  all the art classes throughout the years and quite frankly don’t know why I didn’t pursue it further as I so much enjoy getting lost in the “creative mode”! But life happens and we move through the different stage,s and now that my kids have almost all flown the nest, I have been preparing myself by getting back into all the creative things I love most.
I have been creating jewelry for many years off and on and within the last 2 years have been focused on my business  called “IndigoEarth” ~Artisan Studio~ where I have combined my love of creating unique jewelry along with making hand knitted items, working with beautiful colors and textures and now adding my love of  painting. All of these creative venues give me the ability to switch gears and work on another project. This way, my thought process for creativity is somewhat side tracked but still remains in the realm of creating. Many times when my mind changes gears and when I return back to a previous “creative block”, there was enough of a diversion to where the imagination and creativity can flow again.

When you think of the creative loves we all enjoy… the word “Passion” isn’t far behind~ as a matter of fact there are 3 “mantra” words that are a big part of my everyday life~ Passion, Faith and Believe~ these words  are very close to my heart and  I feel it takes all 3 to be able to live life to the fullest! 

Another thing that is very meaningful in my life is to find ways to help make positive differences in the lives around us and that is why I love to teach ( adults and children), blog  and sharing my passions in hopes that I might be able to plant a small seed within someone’s heart, which  in the future will have the opportunity to grow into that large “magnificent oak”!

Whatever I do as an artist, I am in hopes of creating something special for someone that gives them as much joy owning it as I had creating it! With that said let me share a bit with you about my art work. I am a huge lover of colors and textures and enjoy using Luminarte Twinkling H20 watercolors along with Lumiere acrylic paints (both have amazing colors and include mica for shine, shimmer and glittering qualities as in…. “let’s get this party started” kind of paints!). I also love doodling and use colored fabric markers, highlighters, watercolor pencils ( for softer hues) and just LOVE my Pitt pen for outlining and creating that contrast and punch to a painting! Doodling is a creative outlet that lets the mind go without any kind of a “perceived outcome”. It also is great way to experiment with different kinds of “doodles!

I love to also grab rubber stamps,metal plate textures, plastic bags, fabric...anything that has texture and depth I enjoy incorporating into my creations!  I also enjoy learning about other artists, new techniques, and then combining certain elements that I like into my own style of artwork which I feel suits me and what I am about as an artist. 

I am currently having  so much fun taking an online course from Juliette Crane  (“How to Paint an Owl”) I love the colors and textures she creates and not to mention I LOVE the fact that she paints with her fingers and hands on the paper! I think that getting your hands into the paint is a great connection to what you are creating with your heart! So below are several of my first attempts at “homework” in the class! Always challenging yourself beyond your borders is an important factor when painting or doing anything … especially in life. 

Growth can be uncomfortable at times but with faith we are led to a better place in the end. 


Please check out Sherri's site here, and thanks for checking in xx