Friday, April 20, 2012

An Artist You Should Know

I'm warning you, before your read this post, you need to go to the loo, grab a cuppa, and sit down in a comfortable chair.  Trust me, this is laugh-out-loud-funny!! 

I first discovered Tracey Fletcher King by accident.  Blog surfing as usual, I saw her listed in somebody's favorite blogs and thought I'd click through and check her out.  My goodness, now I'm addicted.  The first thing that caught my attention was the incredible way Tracey makes every day objects look totally exquisite, whimsical, colorful, and just delicious.  The next thing that captured me for good was her hilarious, satirical, self-depreciating dialogue.  It's a joy to read her blog every day, her art is a feast for the eyes, and Tracey herself is an amazing, warm, generous woman who makes you feel instantly part of her family.  

She is someone I have come to call a friend, someone to whom I turn for snippets of advice, but the icing on the cake is that she is a compatriot.  Yep, that's right, a zany, light-hearted, warm-as-toast Aussie.  Based in Brisbane in the sunshine state of Queensland, she lives around the corner from one of my best friends.  (Tracey, remind me to introduce you to Buffy!!).  I know you'll enjoy every inch of Tracey's art and inspiration, and you'll be in stitches listening to her many tales of life in the sun.  She is an artist you should know, and one I know you'll LOVE.


I am an artist... finally I can say that without snorting and feeling like a complete ego maniac, or thinking that people will snigger and say I am deluded...  I am finally, in my glorious middle age, able to declare what I have always been...  a shout it from the hilltop, proud to do a job that I love, give it a capital letter baby... Artist. 

And more than that ...I am an artist you should know... because the wonderful Dion Dior says so...  I am taking that one out for a run let me tell you... nothing is more affirming than hearing that someone recognises you and they want to you to a guest post... it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, which is promptly followed by a sinking realization that said guest post should be at least somewhat professional... which I gave a good go in a draft... but I just ended up sounding like a stranger so I am giving you the unplugged version of what you should know about me...

·         I used to be an art teacher.... and have degrees and diplomas coming out of my ears, and even have a Masters degree majoring in Creativity Theory , and I use none of them baby... they are just pretty bits of paper on the wall.

·         I love to paint and draw what is around me... I used to go in for all the art school rubbish that involved many gut wrenching hours worrying about image development and exploration of themes but one day I let go of all that and started looking around me to find inspiration, and from that moment on my creative life finally made sense... turns out I am happiest exploring my world and not worrying or thinking about it too much
·         I am hopeless, and I mean hopeless, at any sort of wild woman, inner goddess type thing... I really like that other people can delve inside and get in touch with things like that, and I have tried, but I suspect that my Inner Goddess and Divine Muse spend most nights out on the town together trashing me and picking up boys, and spend their days sleeping off hangovers of monumental proportions... consequently they are better left to their own devices

·         I love drawing and painting and couldn’t get through a day in my studio without my Micron Pens, Watercolours, Golden Acrylics, hot pressed watercolour paper, and buckets and buckets of tea... it runs through my veins, invades my work, and helps fix anything that is wrong in my world...

      And last but not least I love the blogger world... through blogging I have found this magnificent group of people who understand, inspire, and support me in the most heart warming ways...  they laugh with me, not at me... they share their lives and creativity with me, they encourage me and understand what I love to do, and they even buy my work which is insanely humbling and exciting at the same time every single time it happens...  how could anyone not want to be part of this world...xx

You can find Tracey Fletcher King at any or all of the links listed below. I highly recommend you check her out!

     Thanks for checking in xx