Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Artist You Should Know

Everybody I know is affected by color, whether they like to admit to it or not. I remember back a year or two ago I was blog surfing and came across a blog that just blew me away.  This blog was Insights & Belly Laughs and the author/artist was Robin Mead.  I imagine many of you already know Robin and her work from her website Robin Mead Designs, but I wanted to honor Robin today in my "Artist You Should Know" series. 

Robin has the most wonderful way with color and intensity. Her work is nothing short of spectacular. Like me, she derives a lot of her inspiration from nature and her interpretations are whimsical, intensely colorful, and majorly beautiful. You know you're onto a good thing when you trawl through boards on Pinterst and continually see her work posted and re-posted.  I made a connection to Robin after admiring her work from afar.  We have since become friends and I am continually blessed by her generosity, encouragement, support, humor, talent, and most of all, art.  Robin Mead is one of those artists whose very existence has made the world a more beautiful place. She is an artist you should know.

Hi name is Robin Mead and I am a color-aholic.. yes Ive admitted it...I'm addicted to color, and I don't think it will change any time soon.  As anyone can see I focus most of my attention on color and the joy that it stimulates and conveys.  I see color as a catalyst to uplift and enhance ones spirit.  Just looking at colorful, vibrant nature, artwork or decor, is enough to change a mood and encourage creativity.   My work  is a reflection of how I feel when I am creating, and I hope to communicate the same to viewers.

I grew up on the beach in Bayville, New York... hence the many waves and oceans creations..and was always interested in art, but naively thought that I was not an artist because I could not paint a portrait from memory, or design a landscape from imagination.  My definition of "artist" has surely changed and that is due to the many beautiful artists that I encounter daily through the web, and by meeting and working with wonderful teachers at a local college where I took many art classes beginning in 2003. I learned about 2D design, printmaking, abstract and portrait work, and landscape and sculpture.  These classes gave me the building blocks or tools to explore with, but the one thing that had the greatest  impact on me in school was a professor that said "keep your pallette small, maybe 2 or 3 colors at most"...WHAT..!!!..are you kidding me...?I think that is when  I went in my own direction..Lol..!..and started using every color imaginable...and here I am..!

I live with my wonderful husband of 24 years, and my 2 amazing  daughters in New York and they encourage and inspire me daily.  They put up with my lack of "keeping up house"...and my art supplies strewn all over...and support my desire to go further with my "hobby".  By day..I am a licensed Social Worker, overseeing programs, and doing both clinical and community service.  I carry a large bag of supplies with me wherever I go, so as to have a spare moment to create before a meeting or while waiting for an appointment.  I usually bring my art journal, many pens, markers and colored pencils.  I also have my bag of yarn and  needles just in case the spirit moves me to crochet, and I usually have my camera or Iphone as well for instagam shots.   Some of my favorite  supplies are Golden Acrylics, Faber Castel watercolor pencils, Windsor and Newton watercolors, Corel Paint Shop Pro, paper, yarn and polymer clay.

I am inspired by flowers, nature, and of course the ocean...the scent of the salt air, the crashing of waves and the hot sun on my skin....I am also inspired by art quilts and collages...the textures, the rough edges and the layers of color and design...and mostly I get inspired by the plethora of artists that I meet daily list would be endless....but to include a few from the past.....I would say Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Georgia Okeefe..from today..Traci Bautista, Flora Bowley and Ardith well as the infinite number of talented art journalers, mixed media geniuses and watercolor extraordinaires.....I can't catch my breath when I think of the accumulation of color, design and creativity that is shared daily.

Thank You Dion..for  this wonderful opportunity to share a bit about my creative are truly an inspiring, talented and vibrant artist who encourages us all to be who we are and to make our mark...

...have a great day..!
Robin Mead LCSW

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