Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Waves of Creativity

Inspiration, like anything, can sometimes wax and wane.  There are times in my art journey where I am overwhelmed with inspiration for journal pages, classes, or art pieces, then there are times when I simply have nothing.  Trying to be true to my style, even when I feel squashed by insecurity and tiredness, is paramount to my journey.  To create art of any kind is like exposing a deeply personal part of ourselves for the world to see, and thanks to the internet, for the world to pass judgement on. It's not always easy!

Taking time out from my class preparation and the like this past few weeks, I've found myself creating art for art sake.  Of course, it's also given me space to think about this journey I am on and where I hope it will lead.  But, I made a decision a long time ago to base everything I do on authenticity. It has got to be fun, exciting, and energizing or I simply can't do it.

This art journey of mine started with a genuine desire to learn, grow, and share my creative expression. But like anything, there are times when it's not always smooth sailing so to speak.  Finding balance, maintaining priorities, and pushing forward, all at the same time sometimes seems overwhelming.

As I look around and my art community and followers I see so much talent, so much inspiration.  Sometimes I feel crippled by my own lack of talent or originality, or I feel intimidated by other teachers and other students. But there are times when I feel so grateful for the support and encouragement I receive, so thrilled by a picture that has turned out better than I expected.  But art is who I am, it is what is inside me, and its what I will always do.

As I have journeyed in Australia, I've been able to think a lot about where I am going and what I am doing. I've sat in gardens with my sketchbook, on trains, beside lakes, and on the beach.  What has evolved hasn't always been pretty, or easy, or inspiring, but its been fulfilling.  For every page I photograph and post about here, there are 5 pages that I don't show.

This page was done as I sat watching the rolling surf on one of Australia's many spectacular beaches this past week.  I felt overwhelmed with a desire to capture the beauty of the scene, but paralyzed by my inability to capture it realistically.  These are the times when I usually put my book away with the resignation of defeat.  But not this time. This time I decided to focus on the colors instead of the form.  I allowed myself to plunge into the energy of the scene around me, the pounding waves, the glistening sun on the warm sand, the movement of the water, the rumble of the spray in the wind.

I look at this page now and I see and feel exactly that moment on the beach.  Isn't that what art journaling and sketchbooks are all about?

Thanks for checking in xx