Friday, March 30, 2012

A Passion for Wisdom

After many months of preparation and anticipation, 21 Secrets, finally kicks off this weekend. 21 Secrets is described as An Art Journal Playground.  My program, Wisdom Circles, is about creating deeply personal and symbolic mandalas through myth, insight, and visualization. It's an art journaling practice that has saved me on more than one occasion, and even now whenever I feel overwhelmed or creatively lost, I make mandalas.  Take a look at my little promo video:

I was so fortunate when Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio contacted me and asked if I would like to be a teacher on this wonderful program. But I must admit, I wasn't sure if I was good enough for it. I was a little nervous because there are some incredible teachers, many I only know through books, blogs, and reputation. But I had loads of encouragement, and in keeping with the philosophy of Connie's program, I let my heart and passion lead the way.

Over the past month, all the teachers have been gathering their program materials onto the class website. I've been fortunate enough to get a sneak peak into many of the workshops and I am astounded.  The variety and quality of workshops has to be seen to be believed. Every class has it's own page filled with instruction, videos, and pdf's.  Some of the art journaling secrets being shared are terrific, and as a teacher, I get to take the other classes.  I'm so excited about all the new art journaling techniques I'm going to learn.

21 Secrets runs from 1st April 2012, to 1st January 2013.  Participants have unlimited access to all 21 workshops for the entire time.  It's incredible value for money at only $59.  There really is nothing else like it around. So if you're an art journaling veteran, or new to the game, I can't encourage you enough to check out this beautiful program by clicking here.


Throughout Wisdom Circles, I'll show you some wonderful products, and of course I've included my very favorites from Luminarte--Twinkling H20's and Silks Acrylic Glaze. You'll get some insight into these exquisitely shimmery, beautiful paints.

This journal page is a mandala I created for very personal reasons. My secrets are woven into its symbols and colors. The background was done using Silks and another wonderful product called Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist.  It's a liquid hybrid of shimmer and pigment that you spray on and it's available through Creative Imaginations.

The mandala was done using Angora Watercolors, India ink and gold gel pen. The depth and translucence of the Silks background gives the page a very 3D effect.  I'll give you a glimpse into this technique during Wisdom CirclesAnd if you want to take your shimmering passion one step further, you can sign up for my online classes Mastering Twinks and A Taste of Silks. I hope you'll join me.

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  1. Hi Dion, your work is always so stunning and inspiring! There's been a lot going on in my life right now. Even if I haven't taken the time to comment, I am ALWAYS impressed by your lovely work!

  2. Long ago, when studying buddhism, I made daily mandalas. This reminds me of that, and also of mendhi. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I'm now following your blog.

  3. Beautifu mandala video..I really loved it...Thanks for sharing that...!!!you are right..when stuck it is the perfect anecdote...and so much fun...I haven create done in so long..maybe I will for my journal..thanks Lovely Lady..!

  4. Ok. I just signed up for 21 Secrets. Looks like a fabulous series. Your mandalas are so beautiful.

  5. Love your shimmering wisdom circle! Good luck with your new class!

  6. Oh my goodness! I love the pictures! It's so pretty. I'll definitely have a peek in the techniques you used. Simply wonderful :D

  7. FIRSTLY..... I would like to say your work is JAW DROPPIN' GORGEOUS!!! OMW!!
    I would love to win your class because I am ALL ABOUT education. I love to know about the products I am using and then to be able to share that knowledge through my artwork!!


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