Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mid-Western Spring

It's easy to forget in this day and age, just how big this planet really is.  Technology and connectivity make it so easy to think that everyone is just around the corner.  But long-haul international travel soon brings that much needed, but unwanted dose of reality.

We're home now after a very long, safe, and relatively uneventful transit from the sunny shores of Australia to the blossoming vastness of the mid-west USA.  It's funny how that feeling of having never left quickly descends over our excitement. I am so very happy to see that spring has well and truly settled her gaze on this part of the world.  Gardens and trees are ablaze with blooms, the air is filled with the aroma of freshness, and the birds, squirrels, and rabbits are as feisty and romantic as one one would expect.  All, a small comfort for a simple Aussie girl still wiping tears of goodbye from her eyes.

It was so amazing to see the faces of the people I love.  Sadly, and of course, I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, nor did I get to spend the time I had hoped to spend with those I did see. But it was a trip filled with milestones, memories, and love.

Now it's back to business.  There are only two weeks left until the start of my Mastering Twinks online class through Luminarte, and I am very excited to announce that I will be giving away two spots on this class over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for details coming next week.

Also, the beautiful 21 Secrets Art Journaling program through Dirty Footprint Studio finally kicks off this weekend.  There has been lots of buzz and excitement as the 21 fabulous teachers have been working feverishly on their programs.  As one of these teachers, I've been able to get a sneak peak into some of the workshops and I must say, they are AMAZING.  If you haven't signed up yet, do yourself a favor and click here.  21 teachers, 21 classes, unlimited access for 10 full months...and the best part????  $59 for the lot.

Finally, I'm excited to announce that I've been invited by Luminarte to run an exclusive online class called A Taste of Silks.  Silks are a new product from color genius Leslie Ohnstad.  They are an exquisite liquid acrylic glaze that shimmers and sparkles just like Twinkling H2O's.  Their versatility and personality have to be seen to be believed.  In this class, I'll be showing you some wonderful techniques and projects for using them along with other mixed media.  Registration for this 2-lesson class opens on April 3.  For more information click here.

So, this sketchbook page was done while I was sitting on the beach one morning in Australia.  The foreshore was filled with these gorgeous little purple flowers.  They were so tiny they were like drops of purple dew on a carpet of green.  Ironically, they looked exactly like the carpet of purple Creeping Charlie that is currently blanketing our lawn here at home.

So I thought it was an appropriate page to share with you today, kind of like the bridge between the two end points of my journey.

Thank for checking in. xx