Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chinese Lantern

Autumn has begun to make her grand entrance across the Southern Hemisphere. Or at least that's what the calendar tells us.  That's the thing I love about Australia, her landscapes are so vast and contrasting that the seasons don't show themselves in the same way they do in in North America. Gum trees don't turn, they're evergreen, and gardens never stop blooming here, they just slow down.

Since I arrived in Australia I've snapped hundreds of photo's of flowers, trees, and landscapes, expecting them to change, but they don't. When the blooms die-off, new ones replace them, and since the drought has broken, the rate of growth is staggering. Both my mother and my sister are brilliant gardeners, and their homes are ablaze with pots and shrubs spilling over with color.  I've taken enough photo's to keep my sketchbook pages blooming for months.

We've had an amazing time, its been almost a month and our departure is fast approaching.  I'm not going to start my good-bye's just yet, as I am clinging to the last few days of my Aussie adventure. Yesterday was a highlight and for those of you with young children, you'll know what I mean when I say we had a Wiggly good time.  It was topped off by a beautiful date night with my husband.  Grandma and Auntie Ree babysat the kids, and for the first time in almost 7 years, hubby and I had a romantic dinner for two, listened to some live music, drank WAY too much wine, and staggered home arm-in arm. It was perfect!

So, the flower on this page is called a Chinese Lantern (I think).  The bush sits outside the kitchen window in my mothers sunny little courtyard and is literally dripping with these brilliant red flowers.  They hang down just like a lantern, hence their name. I've so enjoyed my moments in her courtyard, peaceful, relaxing, and memorable.

Thanks for checking in. xx