Monday, February 13, 2012

Silky Wisdom

Lately, I've been absorbed in preparing my Wisdom Circles workshop as part of 21 SecretsIt's been quite the journey as I've been giving myself over the healing, calming process of making mandalas.  It's a passion of mine, and is a very personal art journaling experience, especially when I'm trying to deal with the issues and anxieties of a micro-preemie.  Sometimes, I need to find a way to abstractly weave my frustrations into my art journal. 

Writing about adversity doesn't always come easily, so when I'm facing challenges and roadblocks, as any parent does, all I can do is plunge my mind into the sacred circle and let all the fears and frustrations pour out onto a page in the form of color and symbols.

My little guy, who was born 16 weeks premature, has faced many challenges in his short 2 year life, none more than the challenge of breathing.  A baby born after only 24 weeks gestation doesn't have much in the way of lungs.  Well, they're little lung buds really, and if they survive, then they face a lifetime of pulmonary challenges.  Every tiny little cold or sniffle can turn into a 4 day stay in the ICU, and often does. Needless to say I spend a lot of time trying to keep the bugs away, especially at this time of year...and not always successfully I might add!

My 6yo came home from school last week with a raging sore throat.  She's such a trooper, taking it all in her stride and trying to so very hard not to pass germs to her brother.  But it's probably inevitable that Thomas will get it.  How it plays out is another matter altogether.  For now, I'm just pushing forward with all my commitments and hoping like crazy that I don't have to spend any sleepless nights in the PICU over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I've been playing with Luminarte's new line of Silks Acrylic Glaze.  Oh my, if you haven't tried them, you simply MUST get your hands on them.  These little babies are exquisite.  They are a liquid acrylic form of Twinkling H2O's that result in a simply stunning, semi-transparent, and insanely shimmery coverage.  They can be used on virtually any surface, including fabric and wood, with incredible results.  This page was done by layering Silks over black gesso in my sketchbook. It's like the circle has been illuminated from behind. I'll be using them as part of my Wisdom Circles workshop so you'll be able to see how they perform.  I highly recommend you hop on over to Dreaming In Color or Creative Imaginations to check them out.

21 Secrets begins on April 1st and runs for 10 full months.  As a participant you get to take all 21 workshops from an incredible team of instructors and its only $59.  Workshops are self-paced and include pdf's and video, and there's still time to register.  Click here for more information.

Thanks for stopping by. xx