Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off & Running

Yesterday, the first of my online classes for, Mastering Twinks, started.  Wow, I'm just thrilled at the response so far, but more excited about the incredible group of participants.  I'm still getting to know them, and there are a few I'm yet to meet, but I have to say....who's teaching who??

These people have shown themselves to be generous, considered, and very very smart.  I love it when a class asks lots of questions, offers lots of ideas, and most importantly, helps each other out.  I'm quite simply humbled, moved, and blessed to be in their company and to be touched by their enthusiasm and passion.

I'm very much hoping that as the class progresses, these wonderful artists will give me permission to share their work on my blog, and I hope they they will even allow me to include them in my An Artist You Should Know series, because really, they are artists you should all know.

Exceptional creative talent and passion isn't just the domain of professional artists. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things in art, and the internet and online classes like this have enabled us to connect. I'm all the more blessed because of it.

It takes courage to open yourself to a learning process, and even more courage to share that process with people you've never met.  I want to thank those of you who are allowing me to share with you my love of Twinkling H2O's, and trusting me to help you discover your own Twinkling passion through this class.

Hugs & Gratitude. xx