Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Sparkling Heart

Kate Palmer, author of the blog "Sparkle Tart" has kicked off the new year with a series of posts about her 10 most Artistically Inspiring People of 2011.  I was amazed when she contacted me to say she'd like to include me.  My first thought was "Why? I'm not inspiring...I'm inspired".  I then felt very humble and profoundly grateful for her honor.  I thought she was simply going to list here faves, but she has put her heart and soul into posts about all of these wonderful artists.  Kate has written an amazing, thoughtful, and very heartfelt commentary about who each of these people are and why they inspire her.

Today, Kate has featured me, and when I read her post, I was moved to tears. Thank you Kate for your beautiful words, your generous spirit, and sparkling heart.

(This "Highly Prized Hibiscus" was done in Twinkling H20's with a flourish of glitter, in honor of Kate.)

Don't forget, today is the last day of my "21 Secrets" giveaway.  Go here to enter or for more information. I'll be randomly drawing the winner tomorrow.