Friday, December 16, 2011

Strawberry Flower

My online workshops with opened for registration this week and my two classes "Mastering Twinks", and "Watercolor Pencil Workshop" which will both run in the early new year, have attracted a lot of interest.  Most of my recent posts have been showcasing "Twinks", so I thought I'd change it up a bit and give you a peek into my Watercolor Pencil class.

I think watercolor pencils are one of the most underestimated, yet versatile mediums you can use. Especially if you like to travel and art journal on the go.  They're easy to pack, not messy at all and require very little maintenance, work well with other medium and are always reliable.  Did I mention they were versatile.

I use them is so many different way, and I always have a set with me when I'm art journaling.  I often use them to enhance watercolor pages, but I find that sometimes they are my primary medium.  I've done several watercolor pencil classes in the past few years, most recently Cathy Johnson's mini class, and I'm always learning new ways to use them. Everyone has their own style and preference when it comes to getting the best from them.

Of course some brands are better than others, but often it depends what effect you're looking for.  As part of my workshop I explore lots of these different brands, and lots of different ways to use them. We work through a number of step by step projects that help guide participants as they get to know these little sticks of beauty.

Once again I use nature as my muse.  This page, done in Derwent Inktense watercolor pencil in my watercolor journal, is of strawberries and their flowers.  I draw over the subject with pen as a way of shading and defining and as part of this class, I offer tips on effective line work over watercolor pencil.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for checking in. xx