Friday, December 2, 2011

Happiness is Wisdom

John Masefield said, "The days that make us happy make us wise".  I've often thought that wisdom comes most from adversity, but what about the wisdom derived from happiness? Is it underestimated, perhaps even dismissed as non credible?  Why is it that some people are so miserable and unfriendly,  yet others are always cheerful and happy? I don't mean 'slap-happy' but happy in a way that their eyes shine, their words are gentle yet purposeful, and they never complain about anything?

Yesterday was one of those happy days for me, and for no particular reason.  It was a normal day like any other, but yesterday I felt content, at peace...deeply happy. It wasn't until we came home after Megan's Christmas music concert at school last night that it hit me; there is so much unhappiness in peoples lives, so many struggles, so many frustrations, and still we are none the wiser about the human condition and what really makes us happy. Yet despite the struggles of today's world, happiness is still in the hearts of so many people around me, and those who seem happiest, are definitely wiser.

I've always wanted to age happily and as time, and my fair share of worry has warn away my youth I've unexpectedly found myself happy about it.  Every wrinkle on my face is a memory of a thousand sunny days, and as my hair grays, I feel the wisdom gained from decades lived descend upon me. The older I get the less pressure I feel about the body beautiful, and that makes me happy.

I often wonder if the wisdom that comes from happiness is wisdom more easily shared. Is it because it's packaged in compassion or generosity rather than regret and remorse? The way I see it, to take stock of the happy days (not that they are all happy) is to sprinkle our hearts with precious jewels of wisdom that glisten through our very eyes, that color our faces with shimmering light, and illuminate our smiles for all the world to see.

So, this page in my journal was done at the request of my 6yo. Yellow is her favorite color and sunflowers are her favorite flower.  She asked me to draw a sunflower for her using that "sparkly paint" she loves so much (she's referring to my treasured Twinkling H2O's which is all I seem to be using these days).  So I did, and it made me very happy. I'd like to know...what makes you really happy?

Thanks for checking in. xx