Friday, December 9, 2011

An Artist You Should Know

One of the things I love most about the creative community is the incredible generosity I see in so many people.  We are all on our own individual creative journey and no two journeys play out the same.  We stumble and fall along the way and I've found that when that happens, there are so many people ready to help you up and and spur you on.  I've made some amazing friends, found some incredible mentors and coaches, but most of all, I've found so much love and inspiration from my online art community that I really feel like I have wings.  Let me introduce you to Anny Hyde, one of those people who epitomizes all that I love about this artistic life.  Her courage, her kindness, and artistic skill are astounding and she is definitely an artist you should all know.

Hi, my name is Ann Hyde - my blog is  which I started as a means to join in the art community and share my work with other like minded people whilst also being able to follow other art and creative blogs myself.

So, how old am I...well I was born in July 1952 (so you can work that out!).

I am lucky that my experiences as an only child allowed me to make my own entertainment, my painting and drawing has always been a part of who I am, I just don't remember a time when I didn't have a pen in my hand drawing something.   Since our kids left home, about 3 years ago, I have spent an increasing amount of time painting using mixed media: oil, coloured inks, acrylics and watercolours and even innovative fingers and thumbs technique!  I took over our daughter's old bedroom as my studio and it is filled to the rafters with art supplies and accumulated art stuff.

I tend to have times painting in one particular media, for example just watercolours.  I'll then jump to oils (which I have been doing recently) and then on to acrylics and sometimes mixing them in one piece of art.  I really couldn't say definitively which media I prefer, it just depends on how I feel at the time as to what I paint and whether I use watercolours, oils or acrylics for it.  Although I would say that watercolours are great for quick sketching, so there is always a pan of colours next to my desk.  I don't think I have any particular 'style', but it seems a few people do recognise my work before they see my name, so perhaps I do!

I am self-taught through and through but I do like to join Art Workshops.  A few months ago I went along to a Watercolour workshop run by Wendy Jelbert - learnt a lot from that experience, and have just come back from an Oil Workshop run by Sharon Ball  (Painting with Oils in a Bob Ross style).  I have learnt so much from them and had a great time attending the classes too.  The thing I find with these classes is that I can adapt their techniques to paint a scene of my own choice, I love doing that. xx

Thanks for checking in xx