Monday, December 5, 2011

An Artist You Should Know

I've been a huge fan of Donna Mulholland (Aka The Happy Painter) for ever.  Her work is dripping with color and fluidity and her insights and journaling are very thought provoking.  Donna infuses the principle teachings of Yoga into her everyday life and creativity. She is the Chief Creative Officer at Creativity Matters and a Yoga Teacher at Yoga with Donna Mulholland. Unfortunately she doesn't live in my town so I can't escape to her beautiful studio every morning. Donna is masterful with fluid watercolor and the vibrancy and color in her work is inspiring.  She is offering an upcoming online class in watercolor in the new year, and I for one have signed up to do it.  

Creating and inspiring others to be, express and celebrate themselves with creativity, watercolour, art journaling and yoga is what I love to do. Colour and texture have called out to me my whole life. I get that from my grandmothers on both sides. The look, the feel or the smell of yarn, thread, fabric, paint or paper... I’m attracted like a moth to a flame.  But it wasn’t until I signed up for my first watercolour class in January 2006 that something BIG was ignited. Painting felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. I would go to bed so excited about the possibilities of what I could paint next that it felt like Christmas Eve every night. Several years later, when I stumbled into visual journaling where I could put my own words and images together, the flame turned into a bonfire with fireworks, dancers and a soundtrack! I was a goner... Eureka! Aha! ... and all that jazz!!

My art journaling style is expressive with a focus on exploring that true, authentic place that both creativity and yoga nourish and cultivate. But the beauty of the creative life is that my so-called style can change at any time. (That’s my favourite part. Who needs rules, I say!)

Thank you again for asking me to guest post on your wonderful blog and I’d also like to send a hug and a shout-out to my art and yoga colleagues and students who humour and support me (as best they can) and most importantly, play with me.

Creatively yours,


Donna Mulholland

Aka The Happy Painter

Chief Creative Officer at Creativity Matters

Yoga Teacher at Yoga with Donna Mulholland


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