Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumn's Twilight

With the last autumn leaves fluttering to the ground I find myself anxiously watching the horizon for the first  forecast snow storm to descend upon us.  Gosh it was a beautiful autumn. Usually I miss the fall glory because I'm too busy dreading the coming winter. Perhaps it is my purposeful attempt at 'focusing on NOW' that has helped me see what is here, rather than what is not. Whatever it is, I have enjoyed this season immensely and plan to enjoy the pending Thanksgiving season just as much.

I'm crazy busy with an abundance of workshops in preparation. Watercolor Pencils, Twinkling H2O, Artful Journaling, and more, all in the works.  Watch this space for some announcements over the next few weeks (it's so exciting).  Still, November is going to be a challenging month for my little family as my toddler, who was born 16 weeks premature, undergoes intensive eating therapy in Iowa City for almost all of November. He and I will be resident down in Iowa City until Thanksgiving, and my husband will be holding down the fort for our 5yo who will turn 6 a few days after we return.  My biggest dilemma right now is how to organize her first ever birthday party with invitations and games while managing a very complex medical process away from home with my son. Never mind, if I stay focused, then these things always manage to work out.

In the meantime, I couldn't resist dabbling with my Neocolor II's in my art journal.  This page is a quick study of "Geranium Hips". These are what is left after their late summer bloom.  The hips themselves are a brilliant orange and are a perfect addendum to the symphony of fall. I created this page by 'painting' with Neocolor II's as opposed to 'drawing' with them.  It's something I explore in more detail as part of my Watercolor Pencil workshop coming up for  It's a wonderfully portable and surprisingly simple technique that works especially well in journals and sketchbooks. Announcements for the Joggles winter schedule of classes will be coming soon.

Thanks for checking in. xx