Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Artist You Should Know

Robin Cox Walsh is one of my favorite artists and writers. When I first starting blogging it was Robin who so generously helped me navigate some of the technical intricacies of a blog site, and it is Robin who has kept me smiling and laughing on a daily basis with her hilarious anecdotes and her quirky and delicious art. Robin epitomizes the generous and encouraging spirit of the art community and she is definitely an artist you should know. Her blog "Pink House Studio" is a daily must read.

"Oh boy! A ‘guest appearance’ on another blog! I'm so incredibly flattered (and just slightly amazed) to have been asked! LOL

"Being creative is just a natural part of who I am. I can't NOT make stuff. If I don't make something (anything) for a while I get cranky (or so my family tells me!)   I was raised in what I thought was just a normal family. Looking back I now realize that it was an incredibly funny, creative and wonderful family. My father’s avocation was writing and storytelling and my mother was a closet artist. We were always doing something ‘artsy-craftsy’. I thought everybody was like that. I was in awe of my mother’s talent. When I was little we would color together.  She would make intricate plaids and paisleys and I was just slightly jealous! So I guess I've always ‘done art’.   I don't have an art degree but that doesn't stop me!

"I might not be able to draw paisleys but I CAN draw a pretty cool creature! LOL xx

Make sure you stop by Robins blog to say hi. Also, thank you to everyone who voted for "Dion Dior & More" in The Blog Guidebook's "Top Blog for 2011". I have made it through to round two, so voting has opened once again. I would be so grateful if you have the time to pop on over and cast me your vote (click here to vote). Thanks for checking in. xx