Monday, November 7, 2011

An Artist You Should Know

I've invited some of my very favorite people who are artists to give you a glimpse into their world.  I hope you don't mind? I think these are artists you should know.  These people are very generous and courageous women whom I admire immensely.  Their art speaks volumes about their passion and spirit, and I find their writing beautiful in a way that connects to me as an everyday person. Many of these artists are also my mentors and I hope you enjoy discovering a whole new realm of inspiration from them and their blogs. My first guest is Pat Elliott, a UK artist who has a masterful hand with watercolor. She is a wise and generous woman who has been instrumental in guiding me towards a more measured use of light and shade. Pat's blog is a delight to follow and is filled with insights and tips, be sure to stop by and leave her a comment. xx


When in junior school, I loved painting and used to demo at the parent teacher evenings. In secondary school, art was left behind in favour of academic subjects. I returned to art after my husband had a back injury. To help him, I learned reflexology and had such success I gave up the accountancy job and became a complementary therapist. Whilst building the practice, I returned to art to occupy my spare time. Taking classes at the local adult college, I gained a City & Guilds qualification in Creative Watercolour. This is one of my exam pieces

I love learning new techniques and then trying to assimilate them in my own work. Not always will I use what I've learned, but the ones that sit very comfortably with me stay.

I created a website to showcase my paintings but had so many people ask me how I created and why I created that I started a blog- a journey with watercolour and my dog- where you get an insight into how and why I do what I do - you also get the bonus of hearing a little about life with our rescue dog, Missy.

I love the blogging world, its such a friendly community. I'm only too pleased to help if someone says, "how did you do that?" We're all on a journey and it is good for our souls to sow the seeds of love. For it is
love, to help another. I express that best in this post about Inspiration.   Through blogging, Cindi found me and invited me to a community of painters and artists called Painting Friends. Its full of like minded people who like to chat, challenge and encourage in your painting journey. Through blogging, Dion found me and we've become friends. I'm enjoying watching her grow. We're in the same room.

You want to know about the room? You'll find it in my blog, under The Great Scheme of Things and Artistic Ambition

I hope you've enjoyed this foray into my world and I look forward to becoming friends with you.

Until that day
Pat xx