Friday, October 14, 2011

The Perfect Pink

I love working in watercolor and water soluble mediums and my sketchbooks and journals are filled with them.  One of the reasons for this is the ability to graduate and play with color.  Color is my passion and one of my favorite colors in pink, I'm always looking for the perfect pink.  Sadly, the pan sets and travel boxes I have don't have much in the way of pinks, they're usually closer to red than pink. I guess it's one of the reasons many artists like to put together their own paint sets from tubes, they get to choose exactly the colors they want in them.

So for my birthday my husband gave me an art store gift card and I made it my mission to find the perfect pink watercolor. Windsor & Newton is always a safe bet for me and I settled on Quinacridone Magenta in their "Artists' Water Colour" range. I was a bit shocked at the price however, a small 5ml tube was over $US10...ouch!!

But I must say I wasn't disappointed. I dispensed the paint into one of my pan sets and it took at least 3-4 days to dry out.  That means that the construct of the paint is very high quality.  Like all watercolors, these are made by combining (or suspending) a pigment with a binder, for example, Gum Kordofan, a type of Gum Arabic. What's different about these paints is the quality of the binder which also contributes to the brilliance of color and light fastness.

I tried out the paint on a number of different surfaces and each time I was thrilled with the vibrance of the color.  It goes on rich and smooth and was very responsive to water.  I wish I was rich, I would fill my trays with these very best of paints because I've heard it a million times...when it comes to artists' materials, you get what you pay for.

This page was done in my Strathmore Recycle Sketchbook. It's not designed for watercolor, but handles it wonderfully nonetheless. I was thrilled at how vibrant the W&N magenta emerged as I was playing around with it.  It's quality is far superior to anything else I have, but at more than $10 for a 5ml tube, I can't see myself collecting all the colors anytime soon.

A little don't need much contact with this paint to get vibrancy and depth, it's a very potent watercolor so don't waste it by loading the brush with too much.

Thanks for checking in. xx