Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Wings of Inspiration

Inspiration Avenue is having a blog party this week.  It's simply too delicious to resist taking part.  There are loads of giveaways all weeks and they even have some wonderful freebies for you to try. This wonderful blog has been active for over three years, and their sole purpose is to help encourage and inspire creative pursuits.

The spirit of the party is all about our wings of inspiration, so I stared thinking about where I get my wings.  I get them from the brilliance of an early morning sunrise; the hush of a sultry summer afternoon, the soft breathing of my child asleep in his crib, the twinkle in my husbands eye, the colors of a summer garden, the distant buzz of a lawn mower, the gentle lapping of the ocean on the shore, and the glistening of the sun on the surface of a lake.


So many things give me creative wings and therefore the courage to try new things. Other artists give me ideas to try out, authors sometimes give my art a voice, teachers give me the courage to grow, and nature gives me subjects to interpret. That was very much the case with these pages thanks to Aesop and Helen Ward.

So after a crazy couple of weeks of hospital visits, bake sales, and piano lessons I needed to shut myself off from everything (well, almost) and paint. So I took my inspiration once again from children's books and decided to ride on the wings of a dragon fly, then the wings of a moth.  These little gems were done with my 5yo from one of her favorite books "An Anthology of Aesop's Animal Fables" illustrated by Helen Ward. Helen's realistic illustrations and incredible detail and shading are spectacular.  We played around with different colors and my daughter didn't like Helen's hairy moth, so her's became a butterfly. I found myself following Helen's shading detail pretty closely and it has really helped me understand that the movements of the pen strokes can effect the entire dimension of the subject. These are further studies in watercolor pencil using Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. I'm loving the way they are behaving, thanks to the tutelage of Cathy Johnson.

Once my daughter and I completed our pictures, I could then face the mountains of laundry waiting for me and prepare myself for yet more trips to the hospital and a week full of field trips and pumpkin carving.

Thanks for checking in. xx