Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun Times Ahead

What a wonderful week this is shaping up to be.  I'm one of those people who never win anything, and this week found me a winner at Inspiration Avenue's blog party.  I was lucky enough to be drawn for prize #6 of their gorgeous offering and will be the honored recipient of a beautiful photographic print by "Pics by Shel". Thank you so much Shel, I am thrilled and can't wait to see this beautiful pic in the flesh. This little weekly challenge is a wonderful way to explore the vast array of art and mixed media technique, so if you can, pop on over and join in.


I also have some exciting news on the workshop front.  Barbara at Joggles.com has invited me to run two online workshops as part of the Joggles.com workshop offerings.  This wonderful site is jam packed full of creative supplies, workshops, and tutorials.  Many of my very favorite artists offer online workshops through this site and I am deeply honored to be a part of their lineup.  Barbara has asked me to put together a 3-4 week workshop using watercolor pencils and a 3-4 week workshop using my very favorite Twinkling H2O's.


As many of you know, I am an avid user of water soluble crayons, but have recently been awakened to the beauty of watercolor pencils as well, thanks to Cathy Johnson. Since taking Cathy's mini-class on watercolor pencils, I have been immersed in using them for so many of my sketchbook pages and projects.  Barbara has asked me to show you some of my own techniques and projects using watercolor pencils and I can't wait to get started.


My second offering through Joggles.com will be using Twinkling H2O's.  These spectacular little pots of glimmering watercolors are vastly underestimated.  They are easy to use and the results are always stunning.  They are hugely popular with stampers and scrap-bookers, but I use them for more traditional watercolor painting and artistic journaling.  In fact, the banner to my blog was done using Twinkling H2O's.  In this workshop I will show you how to get the best from your Twinks, along with some wonderful projects using them on black as well as white backgrounds, and for making greeting cards and sketchbook pages POP.  So stay tuned for more announcements of when these workshops will be open for registration.


In the meantime, I thought I would show you another of my sketchbook pages using a combination of watercolor pencil and black and white ink. This is a " Lychnis Flos-Jovis" flower done from one of my many botanical guides. I recently bought a book by Claudia Nice called "Painting with Watercolor, Pen & Ink".   Claudia is a master at this technique and pays special attention to the shading, texture, and highlighting gained from the effective use of ink over watercolor.  Her work is luscious and awe-inspiring and her book is a very easy-to-read, practical approach to mastering these mediums.  Expect to see more of my pages using some of her wonderful ink techniques as I journey through yet another learning stage.

Thanks for checking in. xx