Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Delicious Autumn

 Delicious Autumn!
My very soul is wedded to it. 
And if I were a bird, 
I would fly about the earth 
seeking successive autumns.

~George Eliot

There is nothing more spectacular than the blaze of peak autumn foliage.  There's something so peaceful and romantic about a quiet autumn afternoon. The smell of smoke in the air, the crunching of leaves underfoot, and the crisp autumn air on your face.  

To say I've been out and about maximizing the autumn view is an understatement.  I love looking down the length of our street and seeing the blazing gold and red trees and the brilliant carpet of leaves on the ground mirroring the skyward glory.  The blue of the sky is different at this time of year, it's more subtle and sleepy.  Perhaps it's because the sun is lower in the sky that the light spills over the trees more softly.

It's at this time of year I enjoy Sunday drives, afternoon teas, wearing scarves, roast dinners, gift shops, creamy pumpkin soup, fresh crusty bread, and long walks. But my favorite part of autumn, by far,  is the colors.  Autumn colors seem to work perfectly with my complexion and the majority of my wardrobe is in these colors, especially the autumn greens. These are my favorite colors and I love them. I have a thousand scarves and they always work better in autumn. I love that I don't have to bundle up against the cold, yet still enjoy a wooly sweater.  

I love the sound of my husband raking leaves into little piles and my children destroying those piles in fits of laughter. I love sitting on the garden bench beside the fire pit in the late afternoon whilst my husband piles on the last of the raked leaves. My senses are awakened by the smell of autumn, as is my creative spirit.

The motivation for art is so strong when I look outside in autumn.  My sense of color is excited by it and I simply can't get enough of trying to capture every element of it.  Autumn landscapes are more breathtaking than at any other time of the year. The only downside to autumn is that it is a prelude to winter.

So, for this page, my 5yo and I collected all the different colored autumn leaves we could find.  We lay them out on a tray and spent a delightful afternoon drawing and painting them.  She thought some of the leaves looked like hands and decided to use her own painted hands to create the leaves.  I'm still amazed at the colors she made, burgundy, chocolate, navy.  I have her picture ready to frame, it's a keeper--but still she won't allow me to post it...yet!!

I'm still finding bits of leaves scattered in the playroom after my 2yo tried to help us with the arrangement.  Next up it's pumpkins.

Thanks for checking in. xx