Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn View

I was recently the recipient of an ROAK.  For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a Random Act Of Kindness.  To say I was moved by this kindness was an understatement.  It made me think about the challenges we face in this world and the cynicism and competitiveness that seems to have crept into our everyday life.  It wasn't the gift that astounded me, although it was wonderfully generous and very thoughtful, but rather the giver.  A person whom I have not met, who lives half a world away from me, and who chose to encourage my art and creativity simply because they liked it. 

There was no agenda, just an opportunity for this person to give...and they took it.  Imagine a world filled with people like this.  What if every person on the planet did something random and kind for someone else?  What if this ROAK was meaningful to the recipient, and dignified in a way that they did not make the recipient feel pitied, inferior or needy?  What if these gifts were not public statements about the giver, but anonymous or quiet gestures of generosity and love?  What a beautiful world this would be.

It has had a profound affect on our family, maybe because this kind of thing is so rare.  Both my husband and I have been moved to pay this kindness forward and we have had a wonderful time discussing it with our daughter.  We've decided that we're going to look for more opportunities to pass on an ROAK to others.  We want these ROAK's to be simple, quiet and NOT self-promotional.  In as many cases as possible, we want them to be anonymous, and most definitely dignified and meaningful for the recipients.

The only part of this whole thing that makes me sad is it made me realize that I haven't been doing enough of this kind of thing. So to the person who touched my life with a simple and quiet ROAK I want you to know that you are indeed a special person, I am profoundly grateful to you, and you should know that the world is a much more beautiful place with you in it.

Thank you. xxx