Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm crazy busy with deadlines right now and instead of working on my class schedules, I'm painting in my journal.  What's the matter with me??? It's just that for the past few days the weather has been nothing short of stunning, and I find myself sneaking outside at every opportunity to capture the last fading rays of sunshine before the upper mid-west plunges into the soft glow of autumn.

Summer is by far my favorite time of year, although I must admit, this summer has been uncomfortably hot and humid.  However, since moving to the mid-west, my perception of autumn has been changed forever.  Never have I seen such gorgeous colors and light.  But I'm not ready for autumn, I still need to feel the sun on my face. Soon, I will plunge happily into autumn's cozy ambiance and without a doubt, my artful expression will reflect all the jewels she has to offer.  But for now I stay with summer.

So this page is an unfurling celebration of the last days of summer as it fades away. Already the sun is lower in the sky, the evenings are cooler and the morning mist across the fields are lingering. But the sun is still warm and the flowers continue to bloom.

I found this beautiful flower in a bed of wildflowers by my walnut tree. Brilliant in her color and steadfast in her worship. All around her was wilting, and only she remained strong.  I wanted to pick her but instead I painted her. One of natures true and changing beauties. It won't be long before the ground will be covered in leaves and  the chorus of bright warmth will be a distant memory.  But not yet...not yet!

Thanks for checking in.