Friday, September 23, 2011

Harvest Abundance

It's been quite the month of challenges for me.  I've been working through the Sketchbook Challenge's September theme "Unfurling", while at the same time trying to immerse myself in art classes and books.  Needless to say it's all affected the way I work and I still feel like I'm unfurling layers and discovering new artistic experiences. I'm also finding great inspiration in other blogs such as Artists in Blogland.

With Fall officially now in place in the mid-west, so is harvest.  I love the yields of harvest, especially from the gardens of my good friends and neighbors.  Every other day there is a bag of fresh vegies on my door step.  Corn, squash, tomatoes, apples...the list is endless.   I make lashings of soups and promptly deliver little pots of it back to my generous neighbors and friends.

Iowa is famous for corn and of course corn is one of my favorite vegetables. I love that feeling of unfurling the golden glory of an ear of corn fresh from the stalk. I love it steamed with lashings of butter and salt and pepper. It's one of the great gifts of Iowa and nothing says Fall to me more than a fresh juicy corn on the cob, a bowl of vege soup and hot buttered toast on a crisp autumn day.

I've tried growing veges myself but I've realized that some people have 'IT' and others don't.  I don't.  My vege garden continually fails, perhaps because I'm so preoccupied with painting instead of weeding. Either way, I appreciate the efforts of a good vege garden and am always a willing recipient of the generosity of my friends.

This piece was done in a combination of watercolor paints and watercolor pencils, highlighted with black and white ink.  The shading is a new way of working for me.  At times I felt constrained and impatient, but once I relaxed and gave myself over to the process I found I actually enjoyed it.  (My hubby thinks it looks the same as all my other work, but to me it's different.)

Thanks for checking in. xx