Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sea Breeze

Today is my son's 2nd birthday.  He was born 16 weeks premature and has had quite the journey. (You can read about it here.)  Needless to say it is a rather emotional day for me as I reflect on his monumental journey over the past two years through which he has well and truly earned his mantel of "Thomas the Brave".  When I woke this morning it was a markedly cooler day, it seems that finally the stifling heat-wave of the past month that has been consuming much of the upper mid-west, has finally abated.  It's the kind of summer morning that I cherish; cool, sparkly, bright, but with the promise of a warm day ahead.  As I sat outside on what was once my front porch, I was reminded of the last time I visited my beautiful homeland of Australia--it was a few months before Thomas was born.

Several years ago, hubby and I packed up and moved to Queensland for the Southern Hemisphere summer. We had a gloriously tropical summer on the golden beaches of southern Queensland, filled with biking, swimming, and relaxing.  It really is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  I've never walked on beaches as beautiful and these.  The tropics are not for everyone, but I can tell you, they are for me.  The thick juicy air of summer filled with the nector of tropical plants and flowers; abuzz with the chatter of exotic insects and birds; the quiet swish of warm seas lapping the white sands; skies the color of perfect ultramarine.....mmmmmm!

Some years ago I was given an Hibiscus plant for my birthday.  It was a gift designed to remind me of my time in QLD, however, here in the upper mid-west the gesture seemed ironic.  How could this spectacular tropical plant thrive to it's natural glory in a climate that is freezing, bitter and harsh for a large part of the year?  The simple answer is, it didn't. 

I prefer to cherish my memories of this tropical paradise, rather than try to recreate it in a place that doesn't support it.  This morning's beautiful song encouraged me to pour it out of my mind and onto my sketchbook page. To me, that's what art journaling is really all about....expression.

Thanks for checking in. xx