Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mandala Mobile

One of the casualties of the recent "100 year storm" in July was most of my outdoor art pieces.  My husband and I have been working hard creating an arty Oasis in our garden and have been collecting beautiful garden art for some time.  Sadly, I never got around to sketching most of it, but I did sketch some.

One of my favorite pieces was a stunning glass and wire mandala mobile.  It was especially meaningful to us as it was the first purchase we made as a married couple, we bought it on our honeymoon in Australia. We wanted the first piece to be something that we could both see as a special reminder of our love and friendship. Something that glittered and endured over the years.  We hung it under our front porch next to the two black rocking chairs that once sat there.  The entire front porch was destroyed along with everything on it...including that beautiful mobile....destroyed beyond recognition.

However,  a week or so before the storm I sat out on the porch early one beautiful quiet morning and sketched the mobile....well, my mandala interpretation of it.  As I was doing it, I was remembering the wonderful early years of our relationship, and all the gentle beauty of new love.  It's only gotten better from there.

That stunning glass mobile may be gone now, along with the porch and all the furniture that once sat there, but the memories are still strong.  Maybe on our anniversary we'll buy a new piece of art to mark the next stage in our lives together...who knows?

Thanks for checking in. xx