Friday, August 12, 2011

Everyday Objects: Vegemite

Most of you probably don't even know what Vegemite is! But if you're Australian, or know an Australian then you'll at least have heard of it.  It's a yeast extract that is used as a spread for toast or sandwiches (to name a few).  It has it's origins way back in English Colonial days.  Vegemite has a glorious history that I'm sure if you "Google" it, it will enthrall you.

For me, Vegemite was an integral part of my upbringing and still sits on the breakfast table of nearly every Australian home.  My siblings and I had Vegemite sandwiches in our school lunches every day and today, my own daughter, although American, insists on it.  It's an acquired taste that doesn't sit well with most American palettes, but my husband however, loves it. I now have to compete not only with hungry children, but with him for the last of the Vegemite.  It's difficult to get in the US, but not impossible.  Certainly in rural Iowa it's unheard of, so I buy mine online.  It's crazy expensive compared to what you would pay in Australia, but worth every penny.

A jar of Vegemite is the entry fee  for anyone coming to visit us from Australia.  It's an everyday object in our house and the perfect subject for my next attempt at "The Sketchbook Challenge".

Thanks for checking in. xx