Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyday Objects: Letters and Numbers

As August draws to a close, so does the theme "Everyday Objects" which I've been working on for The Sketchbook Challenge.  It's been a very rewarding process, and one that has been a huge learning curve for me.  I felt I needed to stretch myself as far as subject matter goes, as I often stay too confined in my comfort zone, so to step out and try new subjects and new ways of drawing has been a wonderful experience.  I spent a lot of this month working on drawing objects that required discipline in shading and perspective.  Two things that to many artists, come easily, but to me are really heard.

I've found myself pressing some of the wonderful artists around me for advice.  I figure that if they're willing to look at my work, then maybe they'd be willing to give me some advice on how I can improve.  Mentors and Heroes are a critical part of my learning and I have some wonderful people who fill these roles, whether they realize it or not.  Of course art is subjective, but it's always good to get some little pearls of wisdom that can help improve ones own technique, which in turn improve style and process.  I plan to share some of those pearls in upcoming posts, along with some of my own tutorials and workshops. 

So, looking around my house for inspiration this month I found myself drawn once again to color, and what is more colorful than a fridge full of magnetic letters and numbers?  My 2yo loves to play with these things and I find them in the strangest places.  Several times everyday I collect them all up from around the house and put them back on the fridge, only to find them littered around the floor 5 minutes later.

As you can see, I still need lots of practice with perspective.  The numbers and letters are supposed to be the same size, but it was a lot harder than it looked, the dimensions are also questionable, given the 3D nature of these objects, but overall it was fun.  This page was done using my Koi Watercolor Travel Sketch Box, Pigma Micron black marker, and the writing was done in gold gel pen.  I've really enjoyed this theme, and apart from the pages I've shown on my blog and in Flickr, I've also done a bunch of everyday objects in another sketchbook that I prefer to keep private. I can't wait to find out what the September theme is.  Watch this space!

Thanks for checking in. xx