Monday, August 22, 2011

Everyday Objects: Forks

My son turned two two this month, I have a birthday coming up next week, and we have a number of very special friends who have birthdays this month.  That means August is quite the month of celebration around our house.  Coupled with the sparkling warm days of summer it means lots of bbq's, cake, and ice-cream. 

I've never considered myself very good at drawing objects, so whenever I see something and try to sketch it, my inner critique reminds me that it's an impossible and pointless exercise.  But silencing that inner critic is one of the biggest hurdles any artist has to overcome.  Sometimes I think with all our blogging, facebooking, and posting in flicker, the voice of that critic has become louder and louder.  Crippling fear of showing something that is sub-standard, or not a good as what other people show can be debilitating to the artist.  I find myself looking at other blogs and postings in FB and sometimes feel like a 'hack' because the work of other artists is so beautiful and often reflects such skill and artistic gift.  Mine, on the other hand, feel like the scribbles and scrawls of a preschooler. But I get so much encouragement and support that I'm energized to keep trying.

But really, it's not about comparison with other artists, it's about sharing and learning. It's about being proud of our own skill and style, and having the courage to share our art journeys and continue the learning.  I've said it before, that's why I'm taking the Sketchbook learn and improve my skills.  So for this one, I'm continuing the August theme for The Sketchbook Challenge. I was sitting at my kitchen bench over the weekend trying to find inspiration when right in front of me were some colorful party napkins with some cake forks sitting on them.  PERFECT....I said to myself.  I scribbled them into my sketchbook and realized that for the life of me, I couldn't get them to look like forks.  They are out of proportion and warped.  But the napkins were fun.  So I persevered nonetheless, despite not being at all thrilled with the end result.  Once the color started going on, everything changed. That wonderful feeling of creating art came flooding back, the critic was squashed and I was happily engaged in my favorite passion...which is the entire purpose for me.

I have to remind myself that it's just my sketchbook, not a piece for a gallery exhibition or an art book. It's part of my learning journey and everytime I do something like this, as well as filling up my heart and soul with art, I refining my skill and style as an artist. For me, that's what it's all about.

Thanks for checking in.