Friday, August 5, 2011

Calming Seas

Sometimes when I am super short on time but still feel the need to create, I try to take the simple route...I draw lines and swirls on the paper then splash some paint around.  Sometimes it turns into something, and sometimes it doesn't.

This past week has been kinda weird for me, with lots of 'stuff' going on like storm clean up, dealing with insurance, preparing for my 5 year old's first day of school, preparing for my toddlers second birthday next week, followed by his much anticipated surgery. It's all typical family stuff really, well most of it, and through the course of it all I find myself drawn back to my sketchbook time and time again as a way of centering, or catching my breath.

I love to meditate but I'm one of those people who rarely finds the time to actually do it properly. I've been on a recent health kick, trying to get to the treadmill everyday, and so far so good, but I've discovered that putting pen to paper is the best form of meditation or relaxation I can find.  Sometimes I do it late at night, sometimes very early in the morning.

I've discovered that if I pull out my sketchbook and paints when my toddler goes down for his afternoon nap, I can encourage my 5yo to join me.  She pulls out her own sketchbook and paints and chatters like a lark as we blissfully swish and swirl in our own private world full of paint and color.  She loads me full of compliments like "WOW Mom, that's the most beautiful'est picture I've ever seen", or "Mom you're the most best artist in the world", and I load her with praise and love. We hang her pictures all over the house and when her father gets home from work, she excitedly leads him around like a tour guide at an art show. It fills me with joy and is definitely the best form of centering, meditation, calming, I could possibly imagine. 

Thanks for checking in. xx