Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Path Through The Trees

A path through the trees leads to healing.

I've been plugging away at my little sketchbook for the Art House Co-Op's "Sketchbook Project 2012".  I chose the theme "A Path Through The Trees" and have focused my pages on where that path takes me.  So far it's lead me through the forest; to the beach; over the ocean; across the desert; and into the garden. Along the way I found the path of regret; the many paths of identity; the path to healing; and then finally, the path home.  It's quite the journey.
A path through the trees leads to the beach.
A path through the trees leads across the ocean.
I decided to paint all the pages, including the covers, with black gesso, then use a combination of my treasured Twinkling H2O's and my prized Neocolour II's.  I'm new to the Neocolour world and am still learning how to use them. I love the creamy, rich, vibrant colors and the buttery texture. At first their response to the gesso was horrible, but once I learnt how to manipulate them subtly with water I was surprised by the results.
A path through the trees leads to the garden.

Unfortunately, the work done using Twinkling H2O's is nearly impossible to photograph effectively, unless you're a professional with a great camera and control over the lighting...unlike me!!  Mostly I get glare or washed out color, so to get the full effect of the pieces done in Twinks you'll have to see the book in the flesh.
A path through the trees can be seen out my window.
I start by masking out my design with liquid frisket.  Then I lay down the paint or the crayon.  When it's dry, I very lightly sponge on some acrylic paint, usually some kind of metallic color to give it some 'pop'. When it's dry, I peel away the fisket and then highlight the edges with gold or silver gel pen. 

A path through the trees leads to regret.

If the subject calls for it, and it often does, I very lightly sprinkle a flourish of the finest glitter I can find.  It get's lost in the painting, but adds another subtle dimension.  Of course, they lend themselves better to viewing live.  One day I plan to do some large pieces in the same way...maybe big wall art that would work well in a dark, moody room like a dining room or a bedroom...who knows!! 
A path through the trees leads me home.

I love the color effects that this technique gives me.  I'm never sure how it's going to turn out.  I've found that this technique works well on black drawing paper too, but I have to go light on the water.  The colors and shimmer in the twinks is astounding and I love watching them dance over the page. I've still got a few pages in the book to finish, along with the cover, so stay tuned!!

Thanks for checking in. xx