Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bloom & Grow

Today my toddler came to me with a little plastic duck in his hand.  He looked up said "uk".  It took me a second to get it, but then I realized he was trying to tell me that what he had in his hand was a "Duck".  He looked so proud of himself, with a big grin and a sparkle in his unpatched eye he said it again.  For him, this is a BIG deal. 

My son will be two in a couple of weeks and that is one of the first legible, in context words he's uttered. Of course, being the highly emotional mom that I am, course I swung him up in my arms laughing and singing "Duck, Duck...Quack Quack".  He giggled uncontrollably then gave me a huge hug and did it again.

My son is severely hearing impared in both ears and has been adjusting to hearing aids over the past two weeks.  His world is filled with new sounds which are amazing, but it's a lot for a little kid to handle. He's also loosing his sight through Ambliopia and has major developmental delays due to his micro-prematurity. So this little achievement, in my book deserves a yellow jersey and a gold medal.  Every tiny little milestone is so hard won for him, that he gives new meaning to the term "baby steps". Every moment of his existence is so cherished that our house is filled with wild raucous and celebration every time he does something normal.

I was scribbling these flowers over the weekend and I saw both my children in their existence...."Bloom & Grow".  Each little child, like every little flower, blooms and grows in their own time, in their own way.  Some face more challenges than others, but they all sparkle and shine along the way. The bravery and resilience of all children is so astonishing to me that it helps me rethink my own baseline for courage. 

Tanks for checking in. xx