Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twinkling H20's

Twinkling H20's are one of my favorite mediums. These little pots of spectacular shimmering watercolors are delicious. They're versatile and delightfully unpredictable, and are hugely popular with scrapbookers and stampers, but I use them for painting, sketchbooks, and journals.  There are over 100 colors and once you start playing around with mixing them you can create literally thousands of color hues and shades.

They're easy to use, can be lightly diluted for a subtle shimmer of color, or heavily saturated as a thick, pasty, sparkly medium perfect for dramatic effects.  I probably use these more than any other paints because I just love the way they shimmer and dance around the page, plus the results are always breathtaking.
My favorite approach is to use them on black paper or black gesso.  I love the effects of the sparkly paint against the dark background.  In fact, the painting I used for the banner to this blog (shown above) is done in Twinkling H2O's with a flourish of metallic acrylic paint sponged lightly over the top.  But they work just as well on white paper.

The only drawbacks are that they are very hard to photograph and you have to wait a few minutes for the pots to hydrate before using them, unlike standard watercolors where you just dip the brush in water and rub it into the paint.  The longer you leave them wet, the better the consistency and color of paint. 

I recently did a series of nature influenced mandalas using Twinkling H2O's on white paper.  I'll show you the complete series throughout future posts, the one above was one of my first attempts at exploring these beautiful paints.

Have you used 'Twinks' as they are affectionately known?  Let me know what you think of them. Thanks for checking in. xx